The Best Baby Swimming Float 2023

As parents, our top priority is the safety and enjoyment of our babies while swimming and this is done by using swimming floats. They offer a secure way for babies to explore the water, promoting their confidence and love for swimming from an early age.

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Best Baby Swimming Float
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If you require a quick answer, the best baby float is the Free Swimming Inflatable, which features safe bottom support for your little one whilst they learn to swim. The price is also very reasonable and there are many colour options for you to choose from. However, if you are looking for a swimming inflatable that can be used from a younger age, the Bestway alternative is the perfect solution. This float is also affordable and it can be used from the age of 3 months.

To rate the swimming floats within our roundup, we based our recommendations on testing, our experience of using multiple swimming floats with our children (as shown in the photo above in a sunny pool in South of France), the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the construction quality, buoyancy, design, entertainment value, softness, value for money, age range and warranty.

Best Baby Swimming Float Overview

Below is a list of the best baby swimming floats that include a wide range of colours, designs and shades. 

The Best Baby Swim Float

1. Best Overall: Free Swimming Baby Inflatable

If you are looking for a baby float that covers all support/fun elements and is reasonably priced, look no further than the Free Swimming Baby Inflatable. A great benefit of this swim float is that it features an ideal swimming positioning for all babies thanks to its horizontal positioning (as opposed to vertical) so babies can learn to kick and feel the water with their legs.

In addition to this, the float comes in 3 different sizes and if you are unsure of what size to purchase the team is readily available to help, support and guide you on which is the best size for your little one.

  • Raised at the front and has wide sides to prevent overturning
  • Crotch strap support to stop baby from slipping out
  • Comes in 3 different colours/designs along with 'upgraded versions'
  • Great for learning how to use their legs in the pool
  • Promotes independence and confidence in the water thanks to its design
  • Can be purchased with a sun canopy
  • Can be a bit fiddly getting your little one into the float

When testing this product with my son whilst we were away, I initially found it quite difficult to get him in the float, however, after using it a couple of times we finally found a way and he enjoyed his freedom.

To conclude, this is a great baby float that can be used from as little as 3 months (depending on the size you purchase). It promotes confidence within the water along with having fun and better still it comes with an affordable price tag.

2. Best Quality: Laycol Toddler Float

Laycol is a brand that offers a number of baby swimming floats and this is their flagship float, which has lots of additional features to keep your baby distracted as they float in the water. This baby float can be used from 6-36 months and comes with a built-in sun canopy which can be adjusted as and when.

In terms of its construction, this float features a double layer of inflatable structure to provide that all-important stability in the water, which stops the float from overturning. It also comes with an adjustable seatbelt, giving you peace of mind that your child is safe in the water.

  • Sea animal toys on the float to keep your baby distracted
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Double layer inflatable to provide stability
  • Great sun protection from the canopy
  • Comes in two colours
  • During testing we found the hood didn't always stay in position

If you are looking for the ultimate baby float, this premium option by Laycol is the perfect solution. It’s clever design using the inflatable sea animals on the ring, ensures that your baby will be distracted whilst entering the pool, allowing for a fun and relaxing time. It has also been built with quality in mind and should last many years of fun in the pool.

3. Best For 3 Months: Bestway Infant Swimming Float

If you are looking for a swimming float that is suitable for ages 3/4 months old or when your little one can sit and hold their head, the Round Ring Swimming Inflatable from the reputable Bestway brand may be your answer.

This simple design is a very popular choice amongst parents as it allows babies to be in an upright position with their legs inside the water, allowing them to get used to it. The seat also features an inflatable backrest to support the upper half of your baby’s body.

  • Very easy to use and safely put your baby into the float
  • Safety valves allow for quick inflation
  • Constructed using vinyl which makes this float highly durable
  • Great value for money
  • Promotes swimming
  • Seat is quite low and your baby may struggle to see over ring

To conclude, this simple yet effective design is great for introducing your little one to the water. Its secure design of the seat allows for peace of mind as a parent taking their baby into the water for what may be their first time. It is important to note that the brand have recently updated the design which is the one we have reviewed, however, if you are looking to save some money they do still sell the older version.

4. Best For 6 Months: Edwekin Swimming Aid

Discover the ideal baby float for your 6 month old thanks to the Edwekin brand. What makes this float unique is that it has a clever design that allows you to remove the pants part so this float will grow with your baby. 

The baby float is designed to provide a secure and comforting environment allowing babies to gain independence and encouraging their sense of confidence, all whilst stimulating their motor skills and fostering healthy muscle development.

  • Grows with your baby
  • 3 different patterns and designs
  • Comfortable thanks to the padded edges
  • Your baby can easily reach the water to splash about and have fun
  • During testing we found it easy to inflate and deflate
  • We found that the vales need to be shut tight as they can open easily if not closed properly

I noticed when using this particular inflatable with my son, he loved that he was able to reach the water and have fun with his siblings which in turn made me relax, knowing he was safe and enjoying himself.

Overall, the Edwekin Swimming Aid is a great swimming float for 6 months plus and it has plenty of room to grow with your child. It allows your baby to have fun in the water whilst knowing they are safe and supported, building their confidence and learning to swim.

5. Best With Shade: Laycol Float With Shade

When you are out in the sun, protection for your little one’s skin is so important. Luckily, the Laycol brand has thought about this with their new and improved float that features a shade. With 7 different colour options and 3 different sizes, you are sure to find a design, size and colour that best suits your baby’s needs.

The clever design of the float is that it has a raised front and widened sides to prevent tipping and it is made of baby-safe material which has the highest toy safety standards, allowing the float to be kind to your baby’s skin

  • 7 different colour options
  • UPF 50+ sun protection (which can be removed if necessary)
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Baby can lie on front or back
  • Built to a high standard
  • Pricey compared to others within this article

Getting ready for a holiday and wanting to make sure your little one is both safe and having a great time? Look no further! The Laycol Baby Swimming Float is exactly what you need. It’s carefully designed with lots of attention to detail, providing everything necessary for a fun and relaxing experience.

6. Best Double: Poolmaster Mommy & Me

Water can be such a scary sensation for a baby, although some take to it straight away, other babies may take a while to warm up to the idea, this is where the Mommy & Me baby float comes into play by the Poolmaster brand.

It is easy to use and allows for your baby to gain confidence in the water. The comfortable design allows for you baby to have plenty of room for arms and legs, all whilst still being able to see ‘mommy’ on the opposite side.

  • Fun design keeps baby distracted
  • Can be used from 8-24 months
  • During testing we found it easy to inflate
  • Features a detachable and retractable sun canopy
  • Can be bulky to store/take away with you

I adored using this float with my son. At first, he felt a bit nervous about getting into the water and constantly wanted to get out. However, being right there beside him, showing him how relaxed I was while using the float together, really helped him calm down. Over time, he gained more confidence and started to have fun splashing around.

Although this is the most expensive float within this roundup, it is worth it and with the design quality and build you will be pleasantly surprised at the hours of fun you and your baby will have in this float.

How We Rated

Ensuring the safety of your little one whilst they are in the water is such an important factor for many parents and as parents ourselves, we truly understand this. This is where baby floats come into their own as they promote independence for your little one, allowing them to gain confidence in the water and have fun whilst doing so.

There are many designs and colours to choose from and whether you want an inflatable that is just for your baby or the double, there is plenty out there that will suit your and your child’s needs.

baby swim float

In the photos, you can see we have tried and tested numerous pool floats of all ages and have found that the floats that come with shades are the best. My son is not the best at keeping his hat on in the pool when on holiday and so for us, the Laycol float that featured a shade was the best. However, as mentioned previously it took a while for my son to get used to the water and this meant we also tested the Poolmaster Mommy & Me which helped him gain confidence in the water.

best baby float
best baby swim float

During our testing of baby floats, we analysed their build quality, portability, buoyancy, size and functionality.

In terms of our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest baby floats (for this article), we are continually testing the latest offerings from top brands in the UK. This means that when a brand releases a new and improved model, we attempt to put it to the test and upgrade our older float where applicable.

As well as testing and our experience of using baby floats, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the construction quality, buoyancy, design, entertainment value, softness, value for money, age-range and warranty.


Baby floats are excellent for confidence building for your baby whilst they are in the water and having fun.

Whether you want an independent float or a joint float, all of our recommendations above are suitable for a range of budgets and include different styles, designs and colours.

If you require further information regarding any of our swimming baby float recommendations, feel free to contact us and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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