The Best Ball Pits For Babies 2023

Discovering the perfect ball pit for your child can be overwhelming but to make your decision easier we list some of the best options, featuring various styles and budgets, ensuring hours of entertainment with colourful balls and exciting additional features.

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Best Ball Pits For Babies
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If you require a quick answer, the best ball pit is the Selonis Play Tent, which features a tent that your little one can play in and comes with balls. The price is also very reasonable and there are numerous colour options for you to choose from.

However, if you are looking for a ball pit with the ultimate entertainment package that features a bouncy castle and slide, the Ballsea Bouncy Castle is the perfect solution. It does come with a premium price tag but you will not be disappointed with the number of hours of entertainment your children will have from this.

To rate the ball pits within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing, our own experience of using multiple ball pits with our children, the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the construction quality, design, entertainment value, softness, value for money, age range and warranty.

Best Ball Pit Overview

Below is a list of the best ball pits that include a wide range of extra features such as slides, bouncy castle, obstacle course and so much more.

The Best Ball Pits

1. Best Overall: Selonis Play Tent

Selonis is a highly reputable brand and they will not disappoint with their play tent. There are numerous colour options to choose from as well as coming with a choice of how many balls you would like included.

The tent is very versatile and can be used indoor and outdoor and will provide protection for your little one during those hot summer months. Not only can it be used indoor and outdoor, it also folds very neatly into a bag and can be easily transported with you wherever you go.

  • Multiple colour choices
  • Can choose the amount of balls you would like included
  • Mesh sides making it easy for parents to keep an eye on their child
  • The tent provides sun protection
  • Easy to transport
  • Great value for money
  • Can only fit up to 2 children

During testing I found this tent to be entertaining for my son, he had so much fun. The only issue I found was when we were having a play date, as there would be 4 children we had to share as with 2 children inside it did become a bit of a squeeze. However, this is a great product that did not disappoint and with all the colour options you are sure to find a style that best suits you and your child.

2. Best Soft : Selonis Soft Ball Pit

For the ultimate soft touch and supportive ball pit, look no further than the Selonis Soft Ball Pit. Thanks to the size of the ball bit (diameter: 90cm, height: 30cm) it will fit neatly into any room and with beautiful colours to choose from it won’t look out of place within any house decor.

Babies and toddlers can become very mucky very quickly and so one feature I love about this product is the easy-to-remove cover, which means that the fabric can be machine washed at 30°C to ensure that the product stays nice and clean for as long as possible. 

    • Made of non toxic materials
    • Multiple colour options
    • Good value for money
    • Can be easily cleaned
    • During testing I found the ball pit to be of high quality
    • Good height for kids to get in and out of safely
    • You can choose to have it without balls.
    • The provided balls only fill the bottom later of the ball pit (we advise you purchase more)

    To conclude, if you are looking for a ball pit that is soft and aesthetically pleasing then you will not be disappointed with the Selonis Soft Ball Pit. During testing our children loved it and for us as parents looking at the product it didn’t go amiss in our room.

    3. Best Entertaining: Hide N Side Tents & Tunnels

    Hide N Side has not disappointed with their ball pit with tents and tunnels. This ball pit will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your little one with its vibrant colours and games within the ball pit, it is enjoyable for all.

    Thanks to the high-quality 190T soft polyester fabric and steel wiring, this makes the ball pit lightweight and durable for long-lasting use.

    • Bright colours making it appealing to children
    • Good value for money
    • Can be used indoor and outdoor
    • Easy to fold and store away
    • Lots of entertainment for your children to keep them busy
    • Need to buy the balls separately

    During testing my son loved exploring this ball pit and enjoyed playing all the games that it came with. I found that to get the full potential of this ball pit, you need about 500-600 balls.

    To conclude, this is a great option that comes with so much packed into a ball pit! You will not be disappointed with the Hide N Side and will be thankful for the hours of entertainment this ball pit can provide for your little ones.

    4. Best 2-in-1: Peradix Ball Pit Play Tent Pool

    Another ball pit that has been designed to keep children entertained for hours is the Peradix Play Tent Pool. This 2-in-1 design has been cleverly thought through to ensure that as parents you get your moneys worth! Not only this but it is super easy to assemble and carry, its simple pop-up method will leave you feeling stress-free when needing it out ASAP, which makes those beach trips, holiday trips or just simply at-home days more pleasurable for all.

    The pool and roof make for an excellent sun shade, ensuring your child is safe at all times of the day. It does come with a removable roof, so you can attach and use it as you please.

    • During testing I found this pool very durable
    • Removable sun shade, making it suitable for all year around
    • Easy to fold
    • Excellent value for money
    • Easy to set up
    • Only comes in one colour choice
    • Balls aren't included

    For us, this was an absolute winner. We took it with us to the beach and I used it as a pool to keep my son nice and cool, but as soon as he decided he had had enough, I simply dried the pool off and added the balls and he was happy to play whilst I managed to chill and read some of my book!

    To conclude, this pool is a great design and will not disappoint any child who wants to play. It ticks all of the boxes and offers excellent value for money.

    5. Best Ball Pit With Slide & Obstacle Course: KiddyMoon Foam Playground

    Ballpits are great fun but imagine if you could have an obstacle course with it and it fits into your house. KiddyMoon has created the perfect solution with its soft foam playground and ball pit.

    The foam and soft fabric make it a popular choice amongst parents as they know their children can have fun and play without hurting or damaging their skin in the process. The foam filling makes it easy to move so you can change the way the obstacle course looks, surprising your child every time they see it!

    • Many colours to choose from
    • Soft fabric
    • Easy to remove covers to clean with ease
    • Great for your child to learn to climb and explore
    • Bulky design makes it difficult to store

    To conclude, if you are looking for a ball pit with a soft obstacle course, you will not be disappointed with the KiddyMoon Foam Playground, one of the best on the market.

    6. Best Ultimate Ball Pit Bouncy Castle: Ballsea Bouncy Castle

    A premium option that will keep your little ones entertained is the Ballsea Bouncy Castle. This is the ultimate ball-bit bouncy castle that comes with so many activities and it will provide hours of enjoyment for your child.

    The bouncy castle features premium Oxford cloth which makes it waterproof, tearproof and fade-resistant ensuring to last for years of fun. In terms of safety, there is mesh around the side of the bouncy castle to ensure your little one won’t fall off as well as ensuring there is sufficient airflow during the hotter months, keeping your child cool.

    • Very easy to set up and put down (within 2 minutes!)
    • Age range recommended 3-10 years and therefore fun for years!
    • Has ground stakes to ensure the bouncy castle doesn't move
    • Great 2 in 1 (ball pit doubles up as a pool)
    • Fun and attractive colour
    • Numerous activities to keep little ones entertained
    • Very pricey when compared to other ball pits within this article

    Overall, if you are looking for the ultimate ball pit then look no further than the Ballsea Bouncy Castle. It does come with a premium price tag but with all the activities and hidden safety features you cannot go wrong and will not be disappointed.

    How We Rated

    As we are parents ourselves, we’ve tried and tested a variety of ball pits and highly recommend them to anyone with toddlers. They are a great way to keep them entertained and are perfect to be used inside or outside due to their easy portability.

    From those that are 2-in-1, stand-alone ball pits to big bouncy castles, we have tried and tested numerous ball pits over the last couple of years to bring you the best.

    As you can see in the images below, I love the Selonis Soft Ball Pit as it’s super soft against my toddler’s skin, making it easy for him to get in and out as he pleases. The only suggestion I would make is that I purchased the bundle that came with 200 balls, however, we noticed that it did need a few more, so I added in about 100 more balls which I had around the house and it suddenly became a pool of balls and pure happiness for my son.

    soft ball pit for babies
    childs ball pit

    Another ball pit my son loved exploring was the Hide N Side Tents and Tunnels. This ball tent, tunnel and ball pit is great, especially if you are looking for something to take with you wherever you need to go. As you can see in the images, they completely fold flat and fit neatly into a bag taking up no space at all! The only issue is that you need to remember to carry the balls, but with an activity centre as compact as this one, it never became an issue for us!

    baby ball pits
    ball pits for toddlers

    During our testing of ball pits, we analysed their build quality, portability and functionality. In terms of our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest ball pits (for this article), we are continually testing the latest offerings from top brands in the UK. This means that when a brand releases a new and improved ball pit, we attempt to put it to the test and upgrade the older ball pits where applicable.

    As well as testing and our experience of using ball pits inside and outside the house, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the construction quality, design, entertainment value, softness, value for money, warranty and age range.


    All of our recommendations above are suitable for various budgets and include several designs to best suit your requirements. Whether you have a baby or toddler ball pits are a great way to keep your little ones entertained.

    If you require further information regarding any of our ball pit recommendations, feel free to contact us and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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