Cubo AI Plus Review

The Cubo AI has become a popular baby monitor due to its intuitive features and its ability to ease the worries of parents. Within this article, we share with you our review after using the monitor with our child for several weeks.

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Cubo AI Review
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In the baby monitor market, Cubo Ai does come in with a hefty price tag, however, do not be put off by this.

Although it has this price tag, when compared to other monitors on the market you will understand why. We believe it is a worthwhile investment that will benefit you in the long run.

Cubo Ai has advanced technology to take care of your child’s general well-being whilst they nap or sleep, getting rid of that worry of wanting to rush in to see your child every 5 minutes to check in on them.

This smart baby monitor is able to do this by monitoring the following:

  • Temperature in your child’s room
  • Humidity of the room
  • Cry alerts
  • Covered face and Rollover alerts
  • Cough detection alert
  • Danger zone alerts (you set the areas you feel are dangerous for your child to be laying in)
  • Sleep analysis

In addition to these features, it also allows you to talk through the monitor to your child, playback sleep through the night, play music (Cubo’s own melodies or sounds) and so much more. The list is endless with Cubo Ai!

cubo ai baby monitor review

Our Review

We purchased the Cubo Ai Plus so that we could thoroughly test it over several weeks and assess it based on our experience with our child.

Keep reading for our full product review and thoughts on the Cubo Ai baby monitor below.

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What Makes Cubo Ai Different From Other Monitors?

As described above, Cubo Ai has intuitive features that will give you peace of mind as a parent, this certainly did for me. Initially, I used a standard baby monitor but I still felt the need to go in and check. However, as soon as I purchased the Cubo Ai Plus monitor all my worries disappeared.

In addition to this, I liked the look of Cubo Ai. The monitor is a bird that sits in a white shiny casing with a natural wood effect running through the middle of the camera, this stylish yet robust monitor would fit in nicely with any design in your child’s room. The bird ‘look’ appealed to me as it was more fun and appealing to our child rather than a standard camera.

cubo ai plus baby monitor review

What Are The Sounds/Melodies Like When Playing Through Cubo Ai Monitor?

We are very impressed with the way the sounds/melodies play through Cubo Ai. In the video below, we have chosen a melody for you so you can check this out yourself.

For our son, we use the brown noise sound (over white noise), this is because I have personally found it to be softer sounding when playing through Cubo Ai. In addition to this as a side note, when you talk back through the monitor, this also comes through very clearly.

What Is The Picture Quality Like On The App?

During testing, I was very impressed with the picture quality on the app and it was almost as if I was in the room with him! The picture quality is clear and crisp even down to seeing the dummy move as he sucks. It is also great for capturing moments of them rolling, speaking and crawling for the first time too!

However, it is important to note that Cubo Ai will keep the moments/pictures it captures for you for 10 days, after that it will be deleted. So if there is a picture/video you like then make sure you save it straight away to avoid disappointment.

Another feature I like is when Cubi Ai captures a moment for you, it will then create a positive personalized title to go with the images/videos that can be viewed via the app.

In the images below, I have taken a screenshot of the picture quality during the day and night.

cubo ai baby monitor
cubo ai plus

How Easy Is The App To Use On Smartphones?

The Cubo Ai app is very easy to use (I have created a video for you below to show you how the app works).

Once you open the app, you are greeted with your camera view straight away. Directly underneath the camera view, is where you will find your sounds/melodies buttons to play through the monitor.

Underneath the melodies/sounds, you will find the moments that Cubo Ai has captured for you (in our video below I had re-set Cubo Ai up so our images wouldn’t be there). A feature that is great with the Cubo Ai app is when you are scrolling through the moments the camera is still live (as you can see in the video below, it has moved the image to the top right-hand corner). To get a full view of your child on your phone, all you have to do is tap the cot video and this will enlarge it for you.

Once the screen has enlarged, tap the screen and in the top left-hand corner you can see the temperature and humidity of the room. In this view, you can also tap and hold the microphone image to speak through the monitor, tap the camera button to take a live picture and then tap the video button to record. This view is also where you can scroll through and see how your child slept through the night.

Below is a video that we screen recorded that shows how easy it is to click through the app and find what you want.

What Other Features are Worth Noting On Cubo Ai?

As already stated, Cubo Ai has several intuitive features and the list is endless. Below I have compiled some  features that are worth noting.

  1. With the alerts, you can tailor these to your needs by simply turning them off or altering the sensitivity. For example, Our son can now roll over and then roll back so he doesn’t get stuck. Therefore, I have turned off the rollover alerts but I still find the cry detection alerts very helpful. I have also changed the sensitivity so it doesn’t pick up his excited screams as a distressed cry!
  2. As briefly described above, you can scroll back through the night to see how your little one slept. It also highlights parts where the caregiver has visited the cot too!
  3. If you are away and your child is with a babysitter, then you can easily glance at your phone and check in on them whilst they are sleeping for peace of mind!

As I have turned off the alerts for the purpose of this screen shot, in the image it displays alerts just for the temperature and humidity.

cubo ai plus smart baby monitor

How Easy Is Cubo Ai To Set Up On The Different Stands?

Cubo Ai is a very versatile monitor that comes with multiple stands to use, again tailoring the baby monitor to yours/your child’s needs and the beauty of Cubo Ai is how easy it to change the stand.

The bundle we purchased for testing came with three stands:

  1. A crib mount which gives a good birdseye view and cannot be moved (1st image).
  2. A floor Stand which also gives a great birdseye view of the cot and can be moved around (2nd image).
  3. A mobile Stand which can be placed anywhere you feel best (3rd image), i.e. we put ours on a shelf.

After testing all three, I preferred to use the floor stand. This is because when he got to an age where he started to show interest in playing with the monitor, I could easily move it out of his reach and still have a good view of his cot.

cubo ai crib mount
cubo ai floor stand
Cubo Ai Stand

Does Cubo Ai Feature A Nightlight?

Nightlights are a great comfort for some children, especially those who do not like the dark and they also provide light for caregivers who need to visit their little ones in the dark.

Cubo Ai does feature a nightlight (as shown in the images below) but I am going to be honest, it’s not the brightest. However, it does provide a warm glow which may be enough to comfort your child.

One thing to note here is Cubo Ai has a green status light (as shown in the image) which shows a connection to the internet. I have turned this off on the app as it wasn’t particularly comforting for our little one, but again, the beauty with Cubo Ai is you can have it turned on or off thus tailoring the monitor to your needs.

In the first image you can see the night light, the second is the status light and the final image you can see what both are like when they are on together, which may give you that glow you want for a nightlight.

Cubo Nightlight
Cubo Status Light
Cubo Light

Are The Alerts Effective?

The alerts are very handy, especially in those first couple of months of having your child sleeping in their own cot. On the app, you can change the sensitivity or simply turn them off once they reach specific milestones.

Can Cubo AI Be hacked?

Cubo Ai is safe from hackers. It features enterprise-level security, which means all pictures and videos that are stored on the cloud are encrypted and is only accessible via your authenticated device.

Cubi Ai Plus Vs Nanit

A big rival of Cubo Ai is the Nanit Pro. After using both, I personally prefer the Cubo Ai simply because of the look of the monitor and its ease of use. The Nanit Pro also comes with a bigger price tag when the Cubo Ai can do what the Nanit does. To be honest, both are great baby monitors to use and the decision as to which one you want to buy is down to your personal preference.

Cubo AI Baby Monitor Pros & Cons

  • The physical appearance of the monitor is aesthetically pleasing
  • During testing, we found it easy to use and set up
  • The option of 3 different stands allows you to get the clear view of your baby
  • Monitor baby's sleep via sleep analysis
  • Saves videos and images on the cloud
  • Monitors temperature and humidity of the room
  • You can tailor the monitor notifications to yours/your baby's needs
  • There is no need to carry an additional receiver with you as you can view baby on your smartphone (you can also view it on an Amazon Alexa Show)
  • Can pick up screams of excitement as 'Cry Detection Alerts'
  • When using Cubo Ai sounds/melodies, it pauses cry/cough detections
  • The nightlight is not as effective and could be brighter
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other monitors
  • It is difficult to travel with as you have to re set-up the monitor

YourTot's Verdict

To conclude our review, Cubo Ai is the ultimate baby monitor that is way ahead of its competition at a similar price point. It provides you with the utmost peace of mind that your baby is relaxed and is sleeping safely, this is because it is jam-packed full of intuitive features and provides you with notifications to keep you up to date.

Standout features that I loved as a mother using this monitor is the look, the notifications and the ease of viewing your baby whilst they sleep.

Apart from the premium price tag, there really isn’t much to dislike about the Cubo Ai monitor and it is one of the best smart baby monitors for the money.

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5

Review Cubo AI

If you find that your Cubo Ai keeps disconnecting, you may want to consider installing a Wi-Fi extender nearby to get the best experience possible.

Cubo Ai does have a subscription costs in order to store your pictures/videos. There are two different options:

  1. Premium which is £4.49/Month or £44.99/Year after end of free year trial
  2. Ultimate which is £6.99/Month or £69.99/Year after end of 7-day free trial.

It is worth looking at what the two different packages include on their website in order to decide the best option for you.

Cubo Ai is available to view on the Amazon Alexa Show. The skill is available to users in the United States, United Kingdom including Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and France regions.

To view Cubo Ai Plus on your show, you must download the skill via the Amazon Alexa App. 

Yes! As your child grows, you may find that you do not need to use all the alert features. The below features can be individually turned off or you can simply alter their sensitivity.

  • Covered Face Alert/Rollover Alert
  • Danger Zone Alert
  • Cry Detection Alert

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