How To Sterilise MAM Bottles

MAM bottles are by far one of the most popular options to use to feed your baby and unlike the alternatives, there are multiple ways to sterilise them. Within this article, we walk you through each method of sterilising MAM bottles with or without a microwave.

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How To Sterilise MAM Bottles
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Cleaning and sterilising bottles isn’t the most enjoyable of tasks and it can be time consuming too. When it comes to MAM bottles, the brand offers multiple ways to sterilise them to best suit your requirements. Whether you want to self-sterilise or use an electric, cold water or microwave steriliser, each method offers its own benefits.

For example, self-sterilising MAM bottles offer the flexibility to sterilise without needing equipment (great for travelling) whereas using a dedicated steriliser allows you to sterilise multiple MAM bottles at once.

Below are all the methods you can follow to sterilise MAM bottles with photos of each step of the process.

What You’ll Need

  • Washing up liquid (we used Fairy Antibacterial Action)
  • Bottle & teat brush (we used the Tommee Tippee Brush)
  • Microwave steriliser (if sterilising multiple bottles in the microwave)
  • Cold water steriliser (if sterilising multiple bottles with Milton sterilising tablets or liquid)

mam bottles how to sterilise

How To Sterilise MAM Bottles In The Microwave

Although you can self-sterilise your MAM bottles in the microwave, using a dedicated microwave steriliser is an even easier way to make the most of your microwave. MAM themselves offer their very own kit and depending upon the bottle size, you can either sterilise 4 large or 6 small MAM bottles at once.

To use the MAM microwave steriliser to sterilise MAM bottles in the microwave, follow the below steps.

1. Fill Up The Sink With Soapy Water & Swirl Out The Bottles

To begin to sterilise MAM bottles, you’ll want to wash them beforehand in soapy water. Therefore, fill up your sink with warm soapy water and swirl out the bottles of any milk that may be left in the bottle from feeding.

Wash MAM Bottles
Washing MAM Bottles

2. Dissemble The Bottles & Begin To Scrub

With the soapy solution ready and the bottles swirled out, you can begin to dissemble the bottles. To do this, pop the lid off, spin the collar off, push the teat out, spin the bottle from the base and then pull out the plastic (referred to as a valve) at the base. You can then leave these in the soapy water for a few minutes to soak.

Afterwards, pick up the main part of the bottle and begin to scrub it with the brush (as shown in the photo).

Dissemble MAM Bottle
Washing MAM Bottle

3. Place The Bottles In The Steriliser

After washing the MAM bottles with soapy water and rinsing it through, you can proceed to place them in the steriliser. With regards to how many bottles you can put in, it depends upon the size of the bottle. If you are using small MAM bottles, you can add up to six but if you are using large MAM bottles (as shown in the image), you can add up to four into the steriliser.

However, to make it slightly easier, we recommend adding one bottle less than the maximum. For example, we are sterilising three bottles instead of four in this guide. The reason for this is that it simply makes stacking the parts of the bottle in the steriliser far more easier.

how to sterilise mam easy active bottles

4. Wash The Valve & Base

The next step in cleaning MAM bottles is to clean the valve and base of the bottle. With regards to the valve, due to its flexibility, we recommend that you use your fingers to clean all the “nooks and crannies” (as shown in the image below). The base part of the bottle is a lot easier to clean because you can simply use the brush.

MAM Bottle Valve Cleaning
Sterilising MAM Bottle

5. Put Water In & Fill The Bottom Compartment Of The Steriliser

Now that the bottom half of the bottle is cleaned, you can proceed to fill the bottom tray of the steriliser. We recommend the formation as shown in the image because it provides plenty of space around the bottle.

After you have filled the compartment, you can lift it up and fill water into the steriliser until it reaches the maximum level. Although you can do this at the start, we recommend doing it at this stage because water can drip down from the cleaned bottles, which can cause the water level to pass the maximum level.

Sterilise MAM Bottles In Microwave
Max Water Level

6. Wash The Lid & Collar

Now that the bottom part of the bottle has been washed, you can turn your attention towards to top part. To begin, we recommend cleaning both the lid and collar, which are very easy to clean using the brush.

Brush To Clean MAM Bottles
Using A Steriliser For MAM Bottles

7. Wash The Teat

The final part of cleaning MAM bottles is the teat and it’s the part that requires the most effort. To clean the teat, we firstly recommend that you run it through your fingers whilst it’s submerged in the soapy water. Afterwards, use the other end of your brush to clean the inside of the teat (this is where the brush comes in very handy).

Although you can get away without using a brush, we highly recommend it because milk residue can get clogged at the exit of the teat and the brush does a great job at cleaning it. We used the Tommee Tippee brush but there are plenty of alternatives that you can use.

Washing MAM Teat

8. Fill The Top Compartment of the Steriliser

With all the parts of the bottle cleaned, you can proceed to fill up the top compartment. As shown in the image, we placed the parts of the bottle in this formation because it provides plenty of space around the parts. Along with the parts of the bottle, you’ll want to remember to put the tongs in the top compartment too.

Once the steriliser is full, put the lid on and ensure that it clips onto the side (as shown below).

how to sterilise mam bottles in the microwave
how to sterilise multiple mam bottles

9. Place Steriliser In The Microwave

With the steriliser securely shut, place it into the middle of the microwave and shut the door. With regards to how long you should sterilise the MAM bottles in the microwave, it depends upon its specification. If your microwave is rated at 650 – 1000W, you need to set the timer to 11 minutes but if it’s rated at 1050 – 1800W, the timer only needs to be set to 6 minutes. As you can see in the image, our microwave is rated at 950W, which meant we set our timer to 11 minutes to sterilise the bottles.
Microwave MAM Bottles To Sterilise

10. Remove The Steriliser From The Microwave & Open The Lid

Once the microwave has reached the end of its timer, you can proceed to take it out. A word of caution, the steriliser is extremely hot and you’ll want to use a kitchen towel to take it out of the microwave and remove the lid.

After removing the lid, take the top compartment off and put it on top of the lid and allow a few minutes for it to cool down.

Sterilising MAM Bottles In The Microwave
MAM Bottle Sterilising

11. Assemble The Lid, Collar & Teat

To begin assembling the MAM bottles after they’ve been sterilised in the microwave, we recommend starting with the top part of the bottle. Using the tongs, pass the teat through the collar of the bottle (as shown in the image). You’ll want to pull it through so that it clips in place and then you can place the lid on top.

Sterilise Mam Bottle
Mam Bottle Sterilise

12. Assemble The Base & Valve

After the top part of the bottle has been assembled, you can then focus on the base.

To assemble the bottom of the bottle, take the base out of the steriliser and use the tongs to place the valve in place.

Once in place, take the assembled top part of the bottle to push the valve firmly in place (as shown in the image).

After pushing together the valve and base, it’s advised that you give it a good shake over the sink. The reason for this is that water can collect in the valve, which you’ll want to remove before completing the assembly of the bottle.

MAM Bottle Assembly

13. Complete The Bottle Assembly

With the top and base of the bottle assembled, you can proceed to attach them to the main part of the bottle as shown in the image below. After you’ve fully assembled the bottle, give it a good shake over the sink to remove any excess water before putting it away.

how to sterilize mam bottles
how to sterilize mam bottles in microwave

14. Drain Away The Steriliser

To finish sterilising MAM bottles in the microwave, pour the used water from the steriliser down the drain and place it in the microwave ready for the next time you sterilise any bottles.

How To Self Sterilise MAM Bottles

One of the main bonuses of using MAM bottles is the ability to self-sterilise the bottles in the microwave. This is very beneficial because it means that you can keep your bottles safe and sterile whilst travelling (i.e. on holiday).

To self-sterilise MAM bottles in the microwave, follow the below steps:

1. Wash The Bottles

As shown in the above guide using the microwave steriliser, wash all of the bottle components in warm soapy water.

2. Place The Valve Into The Base

After washing the bottle’s components, you can proceed to self-sterilise your MAM bottles.

To begin, you’ll want to place the valve into the base of the bottle as shown in the image.

3. Assemble The Collar & Teat

The next stage is to pull the teat (using the tongs) through the collar so that it sits flush and then use the assembled part to push the valve firmly into the base.

how to self sterilise mam bottles

4. Pour 20ml of Tap Water Into The Base

With the plastic valve firmly pushed down into the base, you can now proceed to add the water that’s required for the sterilisation. To do this, you’ll need to measure out 20ml of tap water, which can be measured using the measure on the bottle lid. Once you’ve measured it out, add the 20ml to the base of the bottle.
how to sterilise mam self sterilising bottles

5. Stack The Bottle Components

After the water has been placed in the base, you can begin to stack the bottle ready for sterilising. The way you stack it isn’t the same as you would assemble the bottle, so you must stack it correctly.

The correct method is to place the teat and collar onto the base and valve (as shown below), then place the main bottle over the top of it and then finish the stack by placing the lid on top. Although confusing at first, once you’ve built the stack a few times, you’ll be able to do it without any hesitation.

how to sterilise mam easy active bottles in the microwave
how to sterilise mam 330ml bottles

6. Place In The Microwave

With the MAM bottle stacked up correctly, you can then place it in the microwave (as shown in the image). With regards to how long you need to self-sterilise the bottles in the microwave if you are only sterilising a single bottle, it takes 3 minutes. However, depending on how big your microwave is, you can self-sterilise up to 6 MAM bottles at once. The length of time the MAM bottles need to be in the microwave is as follows:

  • 1 bottle = 3 minutes
  • 2 bottles = 4 minutes
  • 3 bottles = 5 minutes
  • 4 bottles = 6 minutes
  • 5 bottles = 7 minutes
  • 6 bottles = 8 minutes
Microwave Sterilisation MAM Bottles

7. Remove Water & Assemble Bottle

After the microwave has finished, you’ll want to carefully move the bottles out of the microwave and remove the remanding water from the base. To do this, we recommend that you take the lid and bottle off the base, attach the lid straight onto the teat and collar and then onto the main bottle. This way, you don’t need to touch any of the internal parts of the bottle. Afterwards, you can simply pour the water into the sink and then attach the base to the bottle.

how to microwave sterilize mam bottles
how to self sterilize mam bottles

It is that easy but if you have multiple bottles, we recommend the microwave steriliser to speed the process up.

How To Sterilise MAM Bottles Without A Microwave

Whether you don’t own a microwave or you simply want to cut down on energy costs, you can sterilise your MAM bottles without a microwave. In order to do this, you’ll need to use Milton sterilising tablets or fluid and a cold water steriliser. The brand offers their own version of the steriliser (as we’ve used in this tutorial) and we highly recommend it.

To use a Milton cold water steriliser (with tablets or liquid) to sterilise your MAM bottles, follow the below steps.

1. Setup The Cold Water Steriliser

Depending upon the cold water steriliser you use, you may need to assemble it out of the box. In our tutorial, we used the Milton cold water steriliser and sterilising tablets (as shown below).

how to sterilise mam bottles without microwave

2. Add Water & Sterilising Tablet/Liquid

Before you start to add your MAM bottles to the cold water steriliser, you’ll first need to sterilise the water. To do this, fill the steriliser to the maximum water line and then add the Milton tablet or the specified amount of sterilising liquid. As you can see in the images below, we used the tablet due to the ease and simplicity of adding it to the water.

Milton Sterilise MAM Bottles
Milton Tablet MAM Bottles

It’s important to note that you’ll want to allow the tablet to fully dissolve before adding bottles.

3. Wash The Bottles

As shown in the above guide using the microwave steriliser, wash all of the bottle components in warm soapy water.

4. Add The Bottles To The Steriliser

Once you’ve washed the bottles, you can then begin to start adding them to the cold water steriliser.

Depending upon the size of your MAM bottles will determine how many you can add. For example, we usually put 4 small or 3 large bottles in at once.

A great benefit of this method of sterilising is that as well as the bottles, you can also sterilise dummies, teething toys and so much more in the same solution.

With regards to how you should put the bottles in the steriliser, it can be random because they are pushed down into the steriliser in the next step.

how to sterilize mam bottles without microwave

5. Use The Plunger To Push Down The Bottles

With all the bottles that you want to sterilise in the steriliser, you can proceed to use the plunger to push them down. You’ll want to ensure that all parts of the bottle are submerged in the water for them to be sterilised. Once you are happy that they are all submerged, proceed to put the lid on top and lock it in position.

Cold Water Sterilise MAM Bottles

6. Allow Up To 15 Minutes

To ensure that the bottles are sterilised, it’s important that you leave them submerged for at least 15 minutes. After this time, you can leave them submerged in the sterile water until you are ready to use the bottles. However, as stated by the manufacturer, the contents will only remain sterile for up to 24 hours. Therefore, after 24 hours, if anything is left inside, you’ll need to clean them again and then create another sterile solution.

7. Reassemble The Bottles

Once you are ready to use a bottle from the sterile water (after at least 15 minutes), you can do so by washing your hands and taking the required parts out. It’s that easy and this is our preferred method of sterilising MAM bottles when we are away from the house.

How To Store The Bottles Once Sterilised

After you’ve successfully sterilised your bottles, you’ll want to store them appropriately. If you’ve microwaved the bottles, you’ll want to allow the bottles to cool down before putting them in your kitchen cupboard (or elsewhere). It’s important to note that you should only store your MAM bottles when they are dry and not whilst they are still wet.

If you’ve used a cold water steriliser, you can leave them in the steriliser until required. However, you’ll want to read the instructions for the sterilising liquid or tablet because some may require you to replace the solution after 24 hours.


MAM bottles are one of the best rated baby bottles on the market and we highly recommend them based on our experience. They are also the highest rated anti-colic bottles, which was the main reason why we bought them in the first place. If you need further information with regards to sterilising MAM bottles with or without a microwave, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible. Alternatively, you can contact MAM directly for any information that you need from the manufacturer.

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