How We Test & Review Products

As YourTot is run by a number of parents, we are using most of the products that we recommend on a daily basis. We are also able to put them through thorough testing with our own children. Therefore, unlike other websites that are run by "journalists" or those that aren't parents themselves, you (as the reader) are getting reliable and credible buying advice that you can trust.

For further information with regards to our product testing and review process at YourTot, keep reading below.

Testing Environment

As you may already know from reading our about page, YourTot is run by a group of parents. Therefore, the testing environment where we review products mostly occurs at our family home(s) but as you can imagine, that isn't always the case.

For example, we may test out a baby carrier or stroller whilst going for a walk or we may be at an attraction (i.e. Longleat Safari Park) reviewing the location from a parent point of view. However, the majority of the time, we are testing the products at home, which is where the majority of the products are designed to be used.

Therefore, the average family home makes for the perfect testing environment when it comes to testing and reviewing products. All of our houses are different (large, small, flats and so on) and you'll come across this when browsing through our content.

It's worth pointing out that we also have an office based in Cardiff where we meet up to create the content and collate our ideas. If you ever need to visit us at the office, we are located at 97 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9PG.

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Hands On Product Reviews

When it comes to our testing, we love getting stuck in and using the product(s) to its fullest. Whether that's testing all the functionality of a toy or testing our two models of the same machine (as shown by the Tommee Tippee machines below), it's something we love to do. Therefore, as a reader, you are getting a comprehensive review from a parent's point of view.

All the photos and videos that you see upon our website are taken by our team whilst testing and reviewing the product. This is our way of providing evidence that we are actually testing the products in person.

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Product Roundups/Best Of Guides

Product Roundups (also referred to as Best Of Guides) is by far the most popular type of article we produce on YourTot. The aim of these types of articles is to provide the reader with a selection of products that are best at a certain category. For example, if you are looking for a baby bath, we would recommend the best standalone tub, support, multi-stage, foldable, digital and budget options.

These types of articles are created based upon our testing, experience and research of the product. They are also the most time consuming and expensive to create because we often have to buy multiple products for testing. However, we may also use our experience and the latest research to state our thoughts about the product.

Unlike our single product reviews, the roundups/best of guides need frequent updating. Therefore, we update the articles when new products that are worthy of a feature are released on the market.

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How Do We Choose What To Review?

As parents, we are always looking at the latest toys, gadgets and accessories to not only help us out with our everyday activities but to also entertain our children. Therefore, we are constantly buying the latest products from some of the biggest and trusted brands within the UK. In terms of what we reviews, we are always looking for the latest products or those that are currently trending in the UK.

To obtain the products for testing, as mentioned above, we do buy a lot of them but we also get gifts from brands in order for their products to go through our testing and review process. However, it's important to note that we don't agree any pre-conditions with the brand that dictate how we test or our comments about the product. This is because we would never recommend a product that we wouldn't use ourselves. You can read more about this upon our editorial process page.

Testing, Experience & Research

Through being parents, we have been thrown in the deep end with regards to using products. Therefore, our product reviews come from real-world testing and the latest research. We feel that our testing and review process from a parents point of view sets us apart from other websites and you'll see this throughout our content.

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