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Getting out with a large travel system can be tricky with your little one but here at YourTot, we understand the need for a lightweight stroller. Therefore we have reviewed one of the best, which is the Silver Cross Reflex to give you our verdict of an umbrella fold stroller.

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Silver Cross Reflex Review
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Large travel systems for your baby are great, however, you may find that when you want to quickly pop out and about, having a large travel system can take its toll on your back and that is where strollers come into play!

Here at YourTot, we have tried and tested several umbrella fold strollers and have found that the Silver Cross Reflex stroller is definitely up there with some of the best!

Although it does come with a pretty big price tag, you will understand why with all its hidden features that may not have even crossed your mind when choosing a stroller for your little one.

Some important features of the Silver Cross Reflex include:

  • UPF 50+ hood with air and flow panels on either side
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Suitable from birth due to its lie-back position
  • Can be used with your Silver Cross car seat
  • Baby curve comfort technology to support your baby’s spine

silver cross reflex stroller review

Our Review

We purchased the Silver Cross Reflex Stroller in a Brompton pattern and colour so that we could thoroughly test it over several weeks and assess it based on a number of factors such as durability, SPF, comfort, ease of folding and putting it in the car.

There are many more factors that we considered and the above are only a few, please keep reading for our full review.

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Touches That Silver Cross Have Added To The Luxury Stroller

If getting that all important luxury stroller feel is important for you then look no further than the Silver Cross Reflex. It is considered Silver Cross’ premium stroller and thus does have a big price tag in comparison to the alternatives.

The reflex stroller comes in two different designs and by the far the most popular is the Brompton. This colour features grey and woven whites with specks of darker greys running through it. It also features chrome zip handles and buttons to give it that sleek high-end look as well as an embroidered Silver Cross logo on the side.

Overall, the look of the stroller is very appealing and the brand have really taken into account the design by making this their top priority. They have worked hard to ensure it is the best lightweight luxury practical stroller on the market.

How Easy Is It To Fold & Store The Silver Cross Reflex?

Folding a stroller when you are in a rush is one of the main issues that I came across when testing various umbrella fold strollers but I did not feel that the Silver Cross Reflex slowed me down in any way.

To start the fold, ensure the brakes are on and everything in your basket is removed. You can then push up the red clip (with your feet) found in between the back wheels and you should then start to feel the stroller folding in slightly on itself.

Once you have done the above, you will notice on the righthand side of the stroller is a black lever. Push that down with your foot and at the same time push the handles forward to begin the fold. You will know when your stroller is folded as it has clips on the side which lock it in position to store or put away.

Please ensure you listen out for the clips to ensure the stroller is properly locked so you don’t get a nasty surprise of the stroller folding back up as you lift it.

To unfold the stroller you simply pull the clip open, pull the handles up and push the red clip down between the back wheels and Voila, your stroller is ready to go!

I found that when using this stroller the quick fold and unfold features were great, especially when in a rush in the rain!

Due to it being lightweight, I found that in comparison to my large travel system (Mamas and Papas Ocarro), it was very easy to lift in and out of the car. To give you an idea of how it differs from large travel systems in terms of weight, the Silver Cross reflex stroller weighs approximately 8.5kg whereas a large travel system pram weighs approximately 13.7kg (this weight will differ between different travel systems)

Silver Cross Reflex Folded
Silver Cross Reflex Stroller

Is The Rain Cover Easy To Attach?

Another issue I have found is attaching rain covers to strollers however, with this stroller I did not find this!

This is because Silver Cross has designed the rain cover to fit the stroller like a glove. The beauty of this rain cover is that it covers the stroller completely this saving your fabric from getting wet.

To attach, locate the two holes in the rain cover and slot them through the handles and secure them with the Velcro. To attach the rain cover to the bottom of the stroller, use the elasticated clasps and that’s it! Your stroller is covered from front to back!

I have found even with the rain cover on the stroller, it still looks luxury and stylish thanks to Silver Cross’ sleek, smooth plastic finish for the rain cover.

Silver Cross Raincover

What Is The Hood Like For Sun Protection?

This is a feature of the stroller I would like to highlight because it protected my son so well in peak sun in France.

The hood has two sizes, you can have it on the standard hood setting or you can unzip it for the extended hood. This feature gives it that protective factor. All the fabric on the stroller has an SPF 50 to stop the sun from getting to your child. When the hood is extended, you will find mesh on either side and this is to make it breathable for your child on a hot day.

Brompton Silver Cross Reflex
Silver Cross Brompton Reflex

How Comfortable Is The Stroller?

Comfort is something I think is so important for your child, especially if you are going to be using the stroller for naps. Well, the Silver Cross does not disappoint.

The Reflex stroller features a backrest which has been patented due to its intuitive feature of supporting your child’s spine. This is done by curving the backrest away from your child and thus your child’s back is never in contact with any part of the mechanism in the stroller.

The stroller also features a 4 recline position that can be adjusted by the clip on the back of the stroller. This can go all the way to a lie flat which is great if your child is napping or you are using it for your newborn baby.

In addition to the above, the stroller also has adjustable calf support to provide the best comfort for your baby whilst they nap and as they grow.

Review Silver Cross Reflex

In terms of supporting and securing your child in the stroller, Silver Cross has done it again with their 5-point safety harness with comfort pads across the chest for that added baby comfort (as shown in the image above).

Considering you are pushing the stroller, you will also want it to feel comfortable as you push it around. Silver Cross has achieved this by comfortable handles as they can be extended to suit your height.

Is The Silver Cross Reflex Stroller Easy To Manoeuvre?

The Silver Cross is very easy to manoeuvre and I have found I could easily do it with one hand, especially when I visit supermarkets and holding a basket in the other hand. For a stroller, it is lightweight and easy to push around however, it is important to note here that it isn’t as smooth especially over bumpy terrain when compared to a larger travel system. My son always naps in this stroller so I feel that he doesn’t notice the difference and he finds it very comfortable.

Why Is This Stroller Called The Reflex?

The stroller gets its all-important name from the reflective parts that can be found on the wheels and the hood, which are such a great safety feature if you are out and about walking your little one in the darker nights.

This stroller is constantly under review by the Silver Cross team and has been upgraded to give you the best stroller possible. For example, older models of the stroller featured LED lights on either side, however, due to constant failures, they removed this feature.

Silver Cross Reflex Stroller Pros & Cons

  • Extendable hood makes blocking the sun out so much easier
  • Luxury look and feel when compared to the alternative strollers
  • Comfortable thanks to its intuitive curved design
  • Lightweight stroller that's easy to transport with the dedicated carry handle
  • Easy to push and manoeuvre
  • Available in different colours and materials
  • Adjustable handles to suit your height
  • Reflective features make it safer at night
  • It is difficult to get things in and out of the basket
  • The stroller is only compatible with Silver Cross car seat
  • Although compact when collapsed, it is still quite long

YourTot's Verdict

To conclude our review, The Silver Cross Reflex is the ultimate lightweight stroller that gives you a luxury look and feel when in comparison to other competitors at a similar price point.

It provides you with peace of mind that your baby is relaxed and comfortable. This is because it has those all-important hidden features and reassures you about taking your child out when the sun is shining.

Standout features that I loved as a mother using this stroller is the look, it’s lightweight construction when pushing, the extendable hood and the ease of unfolding it when in a rush.

Apart from the premium price tag, there really isn’t much to dislike about the Silver Cross stroller and it is one of the best lightweight strollers for the money.

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5

silver cross stroller reflex review

This is a very versatile stroller that can be used from birth. Included with the stroller is the head-hugger along with the lie-back position to best support your newborn.


This is a great stroller that will grow with your child. It can support up to 22kg which is approximately 4 years.

The dimension’s of the stroller are as follows:

  • Dimensions: (L)85cm x (W)50cm x (H)110cm
  • Folded Dimensions: (L)110cm x (W)31cm x (H)40cm
  • Weight: 8.5kg

Unfortunately not, however, you can purchase the footmuff as a bundle or separate if you decide you need one at a later date.

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