Where To Put Your Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors are one of the best gadgets for parents to keep track of their baby’s sleep but you’ll need to be careful about where you put it. Within this article, we discuss where you should and shouldn’t put your baby monitor.

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where to put baby monitor
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Baby monitors have vastly improved over the last few years and these days, most monitors include a camera and microphone. Therefore, to make the most of the camera and microphone, you’ll want to strategically place it in the room. This means that you’ll want to have a clear view of your baby as well as be able to hear if they are upset.

To help you make up your mind, below we walk you through some of the options of where you should and shouldn’t place your baby monitor.

Where To Put Your Baby Monitor?

1. Near A Plug Socket

As your baby monitor requires power to function, it’ll need to be near a plug socket. Therefore, depending on the layout of the room, you may want to consider moving the cot so that it’s close to a plug socket. Although you could run an extension cable, it isn’t something we would recommend and you’ll also need to hide the cords from it too.

2. Mount To The Wall or Shelf

Mounting your baby monitor to the wall is a great option to consider and many monitors come with a bracket to mount it. This means that it’ll be very secure due to the mount’s fixings to the wall and the monitor’s fixings to the mount.

However, if your monitor doesn’t come with a mount, you can simply secure the monitor to a shelf (as shown in the image). If you go down this route, we would recommend using double-sided tape to secure the monitor on the shelf.

With regards to the wires that’ll dangle down from the monitor, you can tape them to the wall if required. The reason for this is that your baby may want to try and grab onto the wires, which can cause the monitor to fall. However, if possible, we would recommend placing a wardrobe or other bulky object in front of the wires to hide them.

3. Use A Floor Mount

Depending upon the baby monitor that you have, many come with the option of a floor mount. By using this type of mount, it enables you to place the monitor virtually anywhere in the room to best suit your requirements.

During our testing of the Cubo AI monitor, we used the floor mount that it came with (as shown in the photo) and it enabled us to place the baby monitor in the perfect viewing position. Therefore, if you have the option, we would highly recommend a floor mount purely for the ease of being able to place the monitor wherever you want.

where to put camera for baby monitor

4. Changing Table or Wardrobe

If you have a changing table or wardrobe in the room, it’s a great option to use to place your baby monitor on. As long as it’s stable, you should be able to position it quite easily for a good viewing angle of your baby.

However, the main drawback of this placement is that when you come to use your changing table or wardrobe, you may need to move the monitor each time as your baby will more than likely try to grab for it.

Where Should You Avoid?

Areas that we would advise you to avoid placing your baby monitor in the room include the following.

Too Close To Your Baby

One of the worst places you can place a baby monitor is too close to your baby in their cot. Not only can they grab onto the monitor and cord but they can also get distracted by the monitor, which can affect their sleep.

With regards to how close you should have the monitor, we would recommend at least one metre away. However, as your baby grows and begins to stand up in their cot, you’ll want to further increase this distance.

Too Far Away

The main purpose of a monitor is to keep an eye on your baby but if it’s too far away, it’s pointless. Therefore, we recommend that you test the area its placed beforehand to ensure that you can hear and see your baby clearly.

If the place you’ve chosen to put your baby monitor is the only area it can be placed, you may want to consider choosing a monitor with improved sound quality and zoom capabilities.

where to put baby monitor in room

Upon Unstable Surfaces

You should always put the baby monitor on a stable flat surface so that it remains upright. The last thing that you want to happen is for it to fall and wake your baby during their daytime nap or through the night. During our testing of the best baby monitors, the stability of the monitor is a big factor that we consider due to its importance.

What About Monitors That Attach To The Cot?

As you may have seen during your search for a baby monitor, there are many monitors that connect directly to the cot. Although it’s possible to mount a monitor to the cot safely, it’s not somewhere we would personally place our monitor. The main reason for this is because your baby may think it’s a toy (if they can reach it) and begin to play with it.


When it comes to the placement of the baby monitor, trial and error is the best way to find the perfect position. Hopefully, our guide to where to place your baby monitor has answered all your questions about the placement of your monitor. However, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we will try to help out where possible.

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