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YourTot is a website that’s designed, developed and run by parents for parents. As with any parent, it can be very overwhelming at the start of parenthood but our main goal is to help you overcome that feeling. Whether you want to learn how to sterilise your baby’s bottles or find the best mattress for their cot, we combine our research and first-hand experience from a parent’s point of view to create our unique and informative content.

Unlike other websites that review and talk about baby or toddler related topics that they’ve never experienced, YourTot is the complete opposite. We only produce content that we fully understand from our experience, testing and research. This can be seen by our written content as well as our unique photography and videos that are taken by our team. With regards to testing and review products, you can find out how we test here.

It’s important to note that at YourTot, we don’t produce content that’s health related. If you need to health information for your baby, we recommend that you visit the NHS website or speak with your health visitor.

Daniel from YourTot

Daniel Rich

[email protected]

Co-Founder & Dad

Daniel has a background in IT but since becoming a Dad, he now spends more time entertaining his kids than working on computers ...

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David from YourTot

Charlotte Rebecca

[email protected]

Co-Founder & Mum

Charlotte has a BA Hons Degree in Paediatric Nursing, however her true knowledge and experience comes from being a Mum herself ...

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All parents have their own experiences when becoming a Mum and Dad and at YourTot, we are a growing website where we want to display our own first-hand experience.

From testing and reviewing the latest baby monitors to baby sensory ideas, we post a whole range of content upon the website based upon our own experience.

As a team, we feel that this is crucial because many parents simply want real reviews and trustworthy information by actual parents. For example, a parent may use a product differently in the real-world when compared to a journalist just reading for the specification, which is what you'll find when reading other websites (we won't mention any names!).

At the moment, the website is currently run by the founders (Daniel & Charlotte - parents of Ollie) as shown below, we are looking to expand and currently recruiting other parents with a keen interest in what we do at YourTot.

founders of YourTot

Although most of our testing happens at our personal home(s), we do have an office where we create the content and carry out general admin work. It is also a meeting point for the parents that work at YourTot to collate our ideas for the website. We also travel around the UK to baby and toddler friendly attractions to provide an insight and our review.

As mentioned above, we do have an office and if you need to get in touch or visit us, the YourTot office is located at 97 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9PG.

If you have any questions, you can use our contact form or email us directly at [email protected]. Please allow up to two working days for a response.

YourTot is reader supported, which means that products and days-out that we recommend upon the website may earn us an affiliate commission through links that we provide. This comes at no extra cost to you at all but its a means to which we keep the website up and running. You can find out more upon our Earnings Disclaimer page.

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